DAFVM Spotlight Employees

The administration for the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine (DAFVM) spotlights two employees each month. All benefits-eligible professional and support staff employees within the Division qualify as part of the pool from which employees will be chosen. Highlighted employees will be randomly selected and given his or her choice of a $50 prize from DAFVM to be claimed from specific vendors at MSU. See Guidelines.
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Jenna Mosley
June 2019

Office Associate
MSU Extension Service
Coastal Plain Branch
Experiment Station

Years in position: 8
Years at MSU: 13

Jenna Mosley handles a variety of tasks, such as payroll, leave, accounts payable, account reconciliation, and property control as her station’s office associate.

She sees her role at the Coastal Plain Branch Experiment Station as helping colleagues perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. This allows the office to function smoothly and fulfill its purpose.

“My favorite aspect of my job is the flexibility and variety of tasks. I also love the small office environment and beautiful view from my window,” Jenna said.

After working at CPBES full-time for four years, she transferred to MSU-Meridian shortly after she got married. Fast forward another 4 years and she found herself transferring back to the experiment station in a part-time capacity.

“For several reasons, my position at CPBES had never been filled on a full-time basis,” she said. “As I returned to my old office, I returned to my handwriting and notes still scattered about the office. It was truly a sweet moment of walking back in time.”

Initially, Jenna did not go to college with this career in mind. However, she said that she has loved every minute of it, and it has allowed her to grow in many ways. She is particularly thankful for the friends she has made over the years.

Jenna advises that patience, organization, computer and communication skills, and the ability to think for oneself are great skills for anyone wanting to become an office associate.

“Every position plays a part, no matter its position on the organizational chart,” Jenna said.

She first began working at Coastal Plain Branch Experiment Station as a student worker when she was 18 and newly enrolled at the local community college.

“This position allows me to spend more time with my three children and has absolutely been a God-send,” she said. “I’m so grateful to Mississippi State University and the opportunities it has afforded me as I continue to raise and homeschool my children.”

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Susan Worthey
June 2019

Research Associate III
Verona, MS

Years in position: 26
Years at MSU: 26

Susan Worthey has spent 26 years working at the North Mississippi Research and Extension Center with a focus on the horticulture unit.

In addition to her research work, she manages the Magnolia Botanical Garden. She is responsible for keeping up with the care of the garden and in charge of all the people who work there.

“We have ornamental gardening, rose gardening, vegetable garden, perennials, and so much more,” she said. “We want to teach people they can grow their own food in a variety of ways.”

Susan is passionate about sharing her love of gardening with others.

“One of my favorite aspects of the job is developing teaching material for the workshops and classes that I get to manage,” she said. “It is exciting to design and MSU has given us very teachable landscapes.”

Susan said their main message is to tell people, “yes, you can grow a good deal of food and plants in a small amount of space.”

Susan chose this career because of her love of gardening, plants, and people.

“People view gardening as hard, hot work. The enjoyment that you get and the benefits that you get are astronomical, and the rewards are fulfilling,” Susan said.

In her free time, Susan likes to garden at her own home. She also enjoys spending time cooking and shopping with her children and grandchildren.

  • The drawing for the DAFVM Staff Spotlight recognition will take place the last week of each month and be announced the first working day of the upcoming month.  Names are pulled randomly from a pre-populated Banner list.
  • To be the highlighted staff for any given month, the employee must have acceptable recent performance evaluations on file. Those evaluations will be reviewed prior to acknowledgement of the employee and awarding a prize. The evaluation itself will not be viewed but rather HRM will provide a general recommendation based on the employee’s past reviews.
  • The selected employees will be notified by letter from Dr. Greg Bohach, Vice President, DAFVM.
  • A required photo and a brief  interview of the recipients will be posted on the DAFVM Staff Council Web page www.dafvm.msstate.edu/advisory/spotlight/. This information will also be displayed on the monitors of the first floor of the Bost Building, as well as in other MSU locations and publications.
  • Each recipient can choose one of the following prizes:
    • $50 gift certificate to the University Florist
    • $50 gift certificate to the MAFES Sales Store
    • MSU apparel item ($50 value)

At each annual DAFVM Summer Celebration, the Staff Spotlight recipients from the previous year will be acknowledged. The DAFVM website will have an archive of all winners listed by month/date.

An employee cannot be chosen more than once during a two (2) year period.