DAFVM Spotlight Employees

The administration for the Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine (DAFVM) spotlights two employees each month. All benefits-eligible professional and support staff employees within the Division qualify as part of the pool from which employees will be chosen. Highlighted employees will be randomly selected and given his or her choice of a $50 prize from DAFVM to be claimed from specific vendors at MSU. See Guidelines.
Photo of Charlsie Halford.

Charlsie Halford
September 2017

Administrative Assistant
Starkville Campus

Years in Position: 6
Years at MSU: 14

For Charlsie Halford, working at Mississippi State University was unexpected.

“I never really thought I would end up having the chance to work here, but the opportunity came along, and I was blessed to be selected for the position,” Halford said.

Her career is multi-faceted. She plans campus-wide events for the College of Forest Resources, schedules meetings for faculty, and handles student paperwork. She also assists the director of development for the Forest and Wildlife Research Center. There, she plans tailgating events for donors, brainstorms donor relations activities, and helps coordinate an annual CFR Benefit Golf Tournament.

She finds that change is an enjoyable part of her occupation.

“Some days are spent in my office processing travel and leave, or scheduling meetings and phone calls; some are spent dealing with maintenance issues; some are spent out of my office preparing for and hosting events, and some are spent trying to balance everything at the same time,” Halford said. “I don’t spend my days doing the same thing over and over, which keeps my job interesting.”

What Halford appreciates most about her job, however, is the community. “I love the people I work with. Everyone in the college and research center is down-to-earth and kind,” she explained. “I have had the privilege of meeting some great people, and I feel fortunate to be able to interact with them.”

This grateful disposition helped her earn a Stellar Staff Award in the Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine last year.

“I had absolutely no idea that I was even considered and was totally shocked when they called my name. I felt extremely undeserving, but I was very humbled by the recommendation letters read,” she said.

Each day, Halford makes an effort to live up to the award, which is proudly displayed in her office.

When she is not working, Halford enjoys singing, taking pictures, and teaching youth at her church. Her husband of 13 years, Larry, pastors their church while she leads the worship team. Most importantly, she loves spending quality time with Larry and their 9-year-old son, Jacob.

Photo of Hailey Deichman

Hailey Deichmann 
September 2017

Veterinary Technician 
College of Veterinary Medicine
Starkville campus

Years in Position: 1
Years at MSU: 1

Working with animals has been a lifelong dream for Veterinary Technician Hailey Deichmann.

“Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to work with animals, and this career allows me to do that,” explained Deichmann.

She administers anesthesia to animals, preps them for surgery, and aids in their post-operation recovery.

But Deichmann’s passion for animal care goes beyond working inside a veterinary clinic. Through her role at Mississippi State, she is able to contribute to animal rescue in her community.

“Through working with animal shelters, I've given two animals a new home with me, and I have found homes for other animals with friends of mine,” Deichmann said. “I’m fortunate enough to get to see how much happier they are at my home, as well as my friends’ homes, after leaving the shelter.”

While her dedication for animals is evident in the clinic and her community, Deichmann expresses her commitment in another way: teaching.

She is responsible for teaching and supervising students in the CVM, as well as integrating the Veterinary Technician program into the Humane Ethics service. This facet of her career allows her to inspire and encourage students with goals just like hers.

“I love teaching the CVM students, and I love that our service helps save the lives of animals in shelters across North Mississippi. It makes me happy to know that I’ve made a difference in their lives,” Deichmann explained.

In her free time, Deichmann enjoys the outdoors. She hunts, fishes, and travels frequently, but finds that her dog, Diesel, receives most of her love and affection.

  • The drawing for the DAFVM Staff Spotlight recognition will take place the last week of each month and be announced the first working day of the upcoming month.  Names are pulled randomly from a pre-populated Banner list.
  • To be the highlighted staff for any given month, the employee must have acceptable recent performance evaluations on file. Those evaluations will be reviewed prior to acknowledgement of the employee and awarding a prize. The evaluation itself will not be viewed but rather HRM will provide a general recommendation based on the employee’s past reviews.
  • The selected employees will be notified by letter from Dr. Greg Bohach, Vice President, DAFVM.
  • A required photo and a brief  interview of the recipients will be posted on the DAFVM Staff Council Web page www.dafvm.msstate.edu/advisory/spotlight/. This information will also be displayed on the monitors of the first floor of the Bost Building, as well as in other MSU locations and publications.
  • Each recipient can choose one of the following prizes:
    • $50 gift certificate to the University Florist
    • $50 gift certificate to the MAFES Sales Store
    • MSU apparel item ($50 value)

At each annual DAFVM Summer Celebration, the Staff Spotlight recipients from the previous year will be acknowledged. The DAFVM website will have an archive of all winners listed by month/date.

An employee cannot be chosen more than once during a two (2) year period.