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Front Cover of the 2015 DAFVM Annual Report Top: Dong Thi Kieu Oanh of Vietnam (left) spent more than two months at MSU researching methods of detecting and quantifying antibiotics and growth-promotant residues in animal products using advanced techniques. Oanh’s visit came through MSU’s participation in the Borlaug Fellowship Program. Meeting with Oanh are, from left, Dr. Gregory Bohach, Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine vice president; Dr. Jon Rezek, interim associate vice president of the MSU International Institute; and Shauncey Hill, director of international research development. (Photo by Kat Lawrence)
Middle: Doctoral student Mark Lemons and assistant professor of poultry science Dr. Kelley Walmsley share their poultry nutrition research with Dr. Gregory Bohach, DAFVM vice president, and they demonstrate how they weigh and evaluate broilers at one of the poultry nutrition floor pen facilities at the MSU Poultry Research Unit. (Photo by Kat Lawrence)
Bottom: At the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, MSU President Mark E. Keenum, (left), prepares to take the mic from MSU Vice President Gregory A. Bohach, of DAFVM, while MSU Extension Service Director Gary B. Jackson looks on. Mississippi was the “Spotlight State” at the 2015 expo and shared many of the reasons everything is “Sweeter in Mississippi.” (Photo by Kat Lawrence)
Undergraduate student Hunter Rawson launches an unmanned aerial vehicle at the R. R. Foil Plant Science Research Center. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers a concentration and certificate in precision agriculture. (Photo by Kat Lawrence) Top: Salah Jumaa, an agronomy doctoral student, studies rice phenomics, or how the physical and biochemical traits of organisms change in response to environmental influences, at the Soil-Plant-Air Research Unit IN the R. R. Foil Plant Science Research Center. Jumaa works under the direction of Dr. Raja Reddy, a research professor in Plant and Soil Sciences. (Photo by Karen Brasher)
Bottom: Mississippi State University seniors Renee Wright (left) and Camille Tedder brought home the overall baccalaureate school award from the 2015 American Institute of Floral Designers’ Student Floral Design Competition. Tedder took top individual honors at the competition and earned a $3,000 scholarship to use toward her AIFD accreditation process. Both students work for The University Florist on campus. (Photo by Russ Houston)
Mississippi State graduate student John Buol (left), recipient of the Will D. Carpenter Distinguished Field Scientist Graduate Assistantship, and Monsanto Co. researcher Anthony Mills worked together in summer 2015 at the university’s R. R. Foil Plant Science Research Center. (Photo by Kevin Hudson) Vallagret cheese is one of four cheeses produced in the MSU Custer Dairy Processing Plant. The plant annually produces 10,000 wheels of Vallagret, which has a flavor similar to Swiss cheese. (File Photo) Top: Lurdes Siberio-Perez, a graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree, examines the rapid test kit for Salmonella developed at MSU. University researchers are working to make industry-wide testing of certain foodborne pathogens fast, easy, and affordable. (Photo by Beth Wynn)
Bottom: Employees plant the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Official Variety Trials. The MAFES Official Variety Trials, depending on the crop, examine yield, as well as other data, such as maturity date, plant height, lodging, reaction to disease and herbicides, and plant characteristics. These trials provide unbiased, comprehensive information that helps farmers make pivotal decisions about variety/hybrid selection and management. (Submitted Photo)
Scientists with MAFES and MSU Extension developed the MSU Sweet Potato Undercutter. The mechanical root-pruning implement helps reduce postharvest losses due to excessive moisture loss or rots that develop in storage. (Photo by Jason Ward)
Sustainable Bioproducts graduate student Frederico Franca takes measurements as part of a research project focused on evaluating lumber in order to help improve the value of Southern forests.  (Photo by Kevin Hudson) Top: Bryant Haley (left) and Jason Bies, Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture students examine the zooplankton community in a Puerto Rico reservoir. Haley completed the project as an undergraduate research scholar in the College of Forest Resources. He assessed the movement of the zooplankton community over the course of a year. (Photo by Cynthia Fox)
Bottom: Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture student Teresa Hill holds a small alligator in the Human-Wildlife Conflicts Techniques course. Offered in the College of Forest Resources, the course introduces students to techniques used to resolve human-wildlife conflicts. (Photo by Karen Brasher) 
Personnel with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks worked with the Mississippi State University Forest Operations team to conduct a prescribed burn on the Andrews Forestry and Wildlife Demonstration Forest, one of the properties in the Bulldog Forest. Prescribed fire is used to promote the growth of forests and native plants and to improve wildlife habitats. (Photo by David Ammon) Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture undergraduate Savanna Summers conducts den checks, part of Dr. Jerry Belant’s black bear research focused on evaluating recolonization of black bears in Mississippi. (Photo by Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr.)
Top: Dr. Peter Allen, associate professor in the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, examines fish fry as part of a project to improve recreational fisheries. Allen is an expert in how fish adapt to environmental changes. His work includes projects on paddlefish, alligator gar, catfish, and other species. With 204 native fish species, only four other states rank higher than Mississippi in types of freshwater fish. (Photo by Kat Lawrence) 
Bottom: Lanre Raji, a graduate student in Sustainable Bioproducts, prepares samples for analysis. Raji is examining the use of nanoparticle chitosan, a substance found in the exoskeletons of marine crustaceans, as a wood protectant against pests and rot. (Photo by David Ammon) 
Dr. Randy Rousseau, an MSU Extension/research professor in the Forest and Wildlife Research Center, examines pine seedlings in an MSU greenhouse. He administers a program designed to encourage landowners to invest in better seedlings so they can see for themselves that the results are worth the much higher initial cost. (Photo by Kat Lawrence) The MSU College of Veterinary Medicine offers a wide range of physical therapy options to help pets recover from surgery or trauma. A certified canine rehabilitation technician creates all physical therapy plans, including those involving use of the underwater treadmill, which Maci uses regularly. Maci receives treatment through the Vets for Vets program dedicated to helping retired military dogs. (Photo by Tom Thompson) Top: Veterinary students at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine receive training in both large- and small-animal medicine. To look for abscesses caused by a Rhodococcus infection, these students are performing an ultrasound on a foal’s chest. (Photo by Tom Thompson)
Bottom: Dr. Xiu-Feng “Henry” Wan is a professor in systems biology in the Department of Basic Sciences at MSU-CVM. His research interests include the ecology, evolution, and host-pathogen interaction of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, especially influenza A viruses. Dr. Wan handles an embryonated chicken egg to see if the embryo is well. Embryonated chicken eggs are routinely used to produce the influenza vaccine. (Photo by Tom Thompson)
One Class of 2017 veterinary student comforts a canine patient brought to MSU-CVM for treatment. (Photo by Tom Thompson) Dr. Rocky Lemus, Extension forage systems specialist, helps state cattle producers by conducting field days to discuss the latest science-based information. Lemus, also a researcher with the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, leads the MSU Official Forage Variety Trials with plots containing 20 different species and 110 varieties at four locations across Mississippi. (Photo by Kat Lawrence) Top: Natasha Haynes, an Extension family and consumer sciences agent in Rankin County, hosts “The Food Factor,” a weekly television segment about nutrition, food safety, food science, and making health more fun. (Photo by Beth Wynn)
Bottom: 4-H offers young Mississippians a window into other cultures through the International Village, an activity held each year during Club Congress. Dr. Raja Reddy, a research professor in the MSU Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, shares Indian culture during the experience. (Photo by Linda Breazeale)
Cassie Brunson (right), coordinator of the Mississippi State University Extension Service Therapeutic Riding and Activity Center, works with a group of dedicated volunteers to provide equine-assisted therapy to children and adults with special needs in this nationally accredited program. (Photo by Kevin Hudson)
DAFVM vice president Dr. Gregory Bohach (left), poultry science doctoral student Xi Wang (center), and assistant professor of Poultry Science Dr. Wei Zhai discuss MSU research related to poultry feed formulations for optimum nutrition in the MSU Poultry Science research facility. (Photo by Kat Lawrence)