DAFVM Quarterly Workshops

The Office of the Vice President, DAFVM, offers a quarterly professional development workshop to DAFVM faculty, professional and support staff addressing a variety of topics.  Each half day workshop consists of three modules.  Each module is offered individually based on the needs and interests of an employee. 

June 12, 2019


9:00-9:50: Ag Communications Can Help!:  In this workshop, we will discuss services old and new that Agricultural Communications offers to departments in DAFVM. (Elizabeth North, Chris Sowers)


10:00-10:50: Reporting, Planning, & Analysis Tips and Tools:  Learn tips and tools that will be useful in helping you do your job better and more efficiently in this session presented by the office of Reporting, Planning, and Analysis.  Participants will get an overview of FOAPAL, learn the set up process for department initiated journal vouchers, hear about the most useful Banner forms and reports, and explore the website of Reporting, Planning & Analysis. (Amy Burchfield, Michael Ketchum) 


11:00-11:50: Five Generations, One Workplace: Organizations don't thrive without people.  In this presentation, participants will discover the characteristics, values, motivations, and communications styles of generations.  Participants will walk away with an understanding of how generations influence our lives and the workplace. (Terence Norwood)

February 21, 2019


Brushing Up Your Skill Set:  Jobs change and evolve over time and technology has changed so much of what we do. Professionalism in the workplace, basic traits and practices of successful professionals will always be important. (Connie Templeton) 


The Budget Cycle and DAFVM: What does separately budgeted mean? How does the budget process work?  Learn the answers to these questions and more from the experts in MAFES, CALS, Extension, and CFR/FWRC.  (Bobbie Baker, Anne Cook, Crissy Hathcock, Vicki Vaughn)


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Explore how your thoughts can affect your health. Imagine changing your thoughts and improving your overall wellbeing. Learn ways to cultivate a healthy mind and body. (Patricia Heflin, ActiveHealth)

November 27, 2018

Ethics in the Workplace…Whose Pencils Are Those Anyway?:
 A discussion of how ethical decisions come into play in the work environment and how to address ethical concerns.  (Joy Graves/Joan Lucas) 

Staying Healthy During the Holidays: 
The holiday season can be a wonderful time, but it also comes along with many tasty temptations.  Learn new tips, tricks, and recipes for staying healthy during the holiday season. (Taylor VanDyk)

What in the FOAPAL?!: 
A DAFVM overview of the MSU fund accounting, forms and other financial tidbits.  (Bobbie Baker/Lynn Lewis) 


September 26, 2018

How to Respectfully Say “No” to Your Boss:
 In this session, HRM Learning & Development Manager Darrell Easley will share tips on how to diplomatically handle difficult situations with your supervisor and peers.  

Fall Floral Arranging:
  The University Florist, Taylor Bowden, will present a demonstration to kick off the 2018 fall semester.  You will see how to design your own seasonal arrangement for home or office out of things you can grow in your own front yard! 

Official Visitor’s Agreement:
OVAs can be overwhelming and tedious.  Join the VP DAFVM staff and Lauren Wright from International Institute as they go through the steps for successfully completing the OVA and DS2019.