DAFVM Faculty Senate

Structure and Voter Representation

Unit 1.1.1  College of Veterinary Medicine

Academic Programs 
CVM Academic Affairs - 4 faculty, 1 vote
CVM Office of Special Programs - 2 faculty
CVM Office of the Dean - 2 faculty

Animal Health Center 
CVM Clinical Science Department - 22 faculty, 2 votes
Diagnostic Laboratory/Field Services - 1 faculty
CVM MS Veterinary Diagnostic Lab - 5 faculty

Research Program
CVM Basic Science Department - 20 faculty, 1 vote
*CVM Pathobiology/Population Med Dept  - 22 faculty, 2 votes

* Four units were recognized previously: Academic Programs, Animal Health Center, Diagnostic Laboratory/Field Services, and Research Program.  We recommend that in order to better comply with the university's faculty register that a fifth unit be specified "CVM Pathobiology/Population Med Dept" an that the "Animal Health Center" be reclassified as the "Clinical Science Department" and that the "Research Program" be reclassified as the "Basic Science Department.  The other units should reflect the composition as directed above.

Unit 1.1.2  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, MSU Extension Service, and MAFES

Agriculture and Biological Engineering - 11 faculty, 1 vote
Agricultural Economics - 14 faculty, 1 vote 
Animal and Dairy Science  - 14 faculty, 1 vote 
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  - 7 faculty, 1 vote  
Entomology and Plant Pathology - 17 faculty, 1 vote
Food Science and Technology - 6 faculty, 1 vote
*Human Sciences - 20 faculty, 2 votes
**Agricultural Information Science and Education - 4 faculty, 1 vote
Landscape Architecture - 9 faculty, 1 vote 
Plant and Soil Sciences - 32 faculty, 2 votes
Poultry Science - 9 faculty, 1 vote

Combined for Unit Representation

Agricultural Communications - 3 faculty, 1 vote
Computer Applications and Services - 2 faculty

Combined for Unit Representation

Center for Government Technology - 3 faculty, 1 vote
Community Resource Development - 2 faculty

Food and  Fiber Center - 7 faculty, 1 vote  
4-H Youth Development - 6 faculty, 1 vote  
Organizational Development - 4 faculty, 1 vote

***Environmental Education Unit OMIT

***Family and Consumer Education OMIT

*The School of Human Sciences (excluding Ag Information Sc. and Ed.) currently has 20 personnel but has 4 positions posted for hire - we assume that at least one will be filled this year justifying a 2 vote representation.**Agricultural Information Science and Education has been identified as a recognized unit and maintains departmental status within the School of Human Sciences.  This department also maintains sufficient faculty numbers to warrant individual voter representation.***The university's faculty register does not identify these units as existing.  We recommend that they be deleted from the list of identified units requiring representation.

Unit 1.1.3  College of Forest Resources, Forestry and Wildlife Research Center

Forest Products Laboratory - 16 faculty, 1 vote 
Forestry Department - 19 faculty, 1 vote 
Wildlife & Fisheries Department  - 15 faculty, 1 vote

Unit 1.1.4 Off-Campus

Central Mississippi   - 12 faculty, 1 vote
Coastal  - 13 faculty, 1 vote
Delta  - 27 faculty, 2 votes
North Mississippi Research and Extension Centers  - 8 faculty, 1 vote

Note: While Off-Campus personnel have been assigned a "Home Department" they have been identified within our charter to qualify for distinct DAFVM representation.  The representation noted above reflects this assertion.

This accounts for a Representation total of 33. A listing of all faculty will be made available upon request.